This page showcases movie-web instances hosted by the community and other alternative sites.

Community Instances#

The community maintains these trusted instances, which are likely to be up-to-date. Remember that since these are volunteer instances, they might be down or stop working anytime. If you want to be sure you have access to movie-web, consider hosting your own instance.

Instances marked with a πŸ’Ύ have set up a backend, making it possible to sync your data across multiple devices.

Additionally, instances with a 🌐 use the community backend hosted by Lonelil, which has all the original data!

Moreover, instances marked with a πŸ“± have full PWA compatibility, enabling usage on your mobile device as if it were a native application.

movie-web.x is only accessible using Brave, Opera or installing an extension to resolve unstoppable domains. If you cannot access movie-web.x try using a gateway: Cloudflare,, or cf-ipfs

Community Backend#

Our partner, Lonelil, has kindly offered to host a movie-web backend with a copy of the original data from the You can access this backend at:

You do not have to set up a new account; you can use your previous passphrase from movie-web, and all of your data will be there!


These sites are not related to movie-web but are good enough to switch to if the official instances are down. You can also use FMHY to find even more options.